Ben is a science communicator with a background in physics, social media, and digital art. He’s a passionate and enthusiastic science communicator who, among numerous other things, hosts a light-hearted weekly science podcast, Non-Peer Reviewed, on which Kate, Ross and Joh have become regular recurring guests.

Ben is a veteran of table top RPG games having been playing and game mastering for over 10 years before developing the concept for Dungeons and Doctorates. Able to tell his droids from his Daleks and his drakes from his dragons; Ben has an encyclopaedic knowledge of pop culture and uses it to draw people into whatever science story he’s working on.

A self-described amateur graphic artist, whose decade of freelancing has helped him acquire a particular set of skills that make him a wizard in Photoshop and design. Ben has a Master’s degree in Science Communication from the Australian National University. He has a Bachelor of Science from the Queensland University of Technology, majoring in Physics (honours) and science communication. During his time at QUT, he was the president of an anime club with over a three hundred members. He also has a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment, majoring in Animation from QANTM College.

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