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Dungeons and Doctorates is a DnD 5e actual play podcast following the adventures of three postgraduates in a fantasy university dealing with supervisors, monsters, and peer-reviewers. The podcast was first conceived in January of 2020.

The game is run by game master Benjamin Keirnan as our characters Harold (voiced by Ross Balch), Meredith (voiced by Johanna Howes), and Potentia (voiced by Kate O'Sullivan) navigate the trials and triumphs of academic life with plenty of adventures along the way.

Episodes are published to a wide range of podcast platforms, all listed here. Looking for info on a particular episode? Look here!


If you want to help out the production of the show and grab some sweet merch head over to our merch page! If you like you can also donate directly. If you're feeling especially generous you can grab some gear off of our wishlist!

Mid Show Messages

If you would like to have a message read out mid-episode by one of the cast, please head to our Google Form.

The Common Room

Our behind the scenes show The Common Room gives you access into the minds of our crew. If you have any questions for our cast or creative team, drop them in this Google Form.

Getting Started

The wiki contains a variety of different content including information on the cast, characters, and locations. If you want to check out a list of all pages click here.