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New year, new opportunities. And what better way to orient yourself to campus than a group activity?

Our three academic adventurers meet for the first time - will the campus have any surprises in store?


The adventure starts as post graduate research students of Firamustus University are gathered for introductory speeches by various university elder academics. Harold, Meredith, and Potentia find themselves stood near each other for the speeches, meeting third year PhD Gor along the way. Zada Rilvane is first up to the podium, being president of the post graduate student association. Subsequently Vice-Chancellor Brian Kitt is welcomed to the stage who announces that a scavenger hunt has been arranged. The proximity of Harold, Meredith, and Potential to each other solidifies them as a defacto group. The patrician of the city, Eroth Gilhana also welcome the students to the city followed by a brief statement by campus grounds and security man Vick Cliffkeaper who warns the students about the ducks and kobold infestation.

The group wanders the campus checking off various activities. Harold uses locate animals to track down the vice chancellors dog Frank, who locates a bone. Potentia also accosts the editor of the student newspaper for information about the Student Activities office. Meredith unsuccessfully demands a student give them a shirt they are wearing bearing the university insignia, with Potentia settling for a "photo sketch".

The group is then set up by a phase spider which materialises nearby to them. After a brief battle with the spider Potentia casts Sleep, rendering the spider unconscious temporarily. With the aid of a post graduate researcher who owns the spider and Michael, the group are able to return the creature to containment.

The group are able to complete several other activities including getting a picture of themselves up a tree, a picture with the university founder, and the names of some eating places on campus. Returning to the ceremony various groups activity sheets are tallied with the group of Harold, Meredith, and Potentia having achieved the most activities, therefore winning the case of wine. The group head back to Harold's apartment to enjoy some of the spoils and agree to meet up later in the week for more orientation activities.


"Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Minor Illusion" - Kate

"Meredith-ment" - Kate


  • This session was not planned to be part of the release schedule before recording, instead serving as a way for the players and GM to get comfortable with the game, setting and their characters. However after the session the whole team felt like the events provided such an entertaining and natural introduction to the world and player characters it was the obvious starting point. This also explains the slight changes in some characters between this episode and Join The Club.
  • This session marks the very first game of Dungeons and Dragons that Joh had ever played.

Additional Credits[]

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