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Our Academic Adventurers continue to try and complete the task set for them by Nora Heart and Bonan the Librarian. An encoded note, a mysterious society and a wall...who knows what's in store.


Meredith jumps into the sewer along with Harold to find a group of Rogue's Society members already hiding down there headed up by Raphi. After a short exchange it transpires that Raphi is in possession of the book "How to Rogue", although he is cagey as to why has kept hold of the book for so long. Raphi makes a bargain with the group that if they can procure a list of alchemical ingredients and a black rose from the garden of a resident of the Green Narrows that he will return the book to them in exchange.

Although it occurs to the group that they could steal the ingredients from the chemistry department at the university Harold and Potentia in particular do not want to risk getting caught when the ingredients would be a relatively cheap investment to purchase from the Mage's Quarter. They visit an apothecary and take the opportunity to purchase some health potions as well as charcoal and incense.

Harold has a plan to help them steal the rose undetected but requires an evening of rest to prepare. The group make their way home and meet up the following night, finding their way through the Green Narrows. They arrive at the house which Harold recognises as that of a local Elven mafia boss, keeping that information to himself for now the group case the perimeter. When it seems some guards are about to round the corner Harold casts Pass Without Trace and the group scales the wall.

Safely hidden, Harold informs the rest of the group about the inhabitant of the house. The group decides that Harold should be the one to head into the garden and try to retrieve the rose given his tardiness in offering the information about the mafia boss. Harold is almost discovered by a sentient guard shrub in the shape of a rhino but manages to escape with the assistance of Meredith and Potentia providing a distraction.

With the ingredient and rose on hand the group make their way to the rendezvous outside the library with Raphi. Raphi is somewhat surprised to see they have succeeded in their task but honours his word and hands over the book. Potentia intimates she would also like Raphi to teach her some thieves cant as additional payment. The group return the book to Bonan who is grateful and informs Potentia he will tell Nora of her deed.

Nora informs Potentia that she has been admitted into the Enigma Society. Meanwhile in another location it is revealed that Raphi to had intentions to join a society of a different kind. Buying his way into the Thieves Guild with the ingredients, used to create a smoke bomb, and the black rose.


"In for a copper, in for a platinum" - Potentia

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