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Outside of the core cast of Benjamin Keirnan, Johanna Howes, Kate O'Sullivan and Ross Balch, Dungeons and Doctorates has been able to populate the world with some fabulous guest stars.


Kirsten Banks - Oozecapades[]

Kirsten is an astrophysics researcher and science populariser known for their content on TikTok and Twitter. As well as regular content on these platforms Kirsten has also presented at EdX on the topic of Australian Aboriginal Astronomy.

Kirrily Burnett - Kobold Kapers, Oozecapades[]

Kirrily is a Canberra-based primary school teacher who loves rocks, learning and DnD. Alongside playing a Tortal named Geema on Hit Dice Heroes on Twitch and YouTube, she also runs games for kids, workshops and birthday parties. Check her out as over on Twitter and as Sodawax on YouTube.

Debbie Devis - Oozecapades[]

Debbie is a science communicator based out of Adelaide. Debbie was the GM for the first ever Dungeons and Dragons game that Ross had played and continues to GM this campaign. Debbie is especially fond of putting the dragons in Dungeons and Dragons. You can follow Debbie over at SciRen on YouTube and over on Twitter.