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Harold is a human Druid from the city of Firamustus. He grew up as the youngest son of a family of nobles, the Wentworths. Harold had little interest in high society however, and grew up reading books about great adventurers and the mysteries of magic. He idolises his uncle Faustus who himself is an adventurer who specialises in retrieving rare artifacts with his crew the Delvers. On one expedition Faustus came upon a constellation orb which he gifted to Harold which became his druidic focus.

He currently attends Firamustus University where he is undertaking a PhD studying astronomy. Harold had previously studied the druidic zoology at the same university. Harold's supervisor is Professor Zinlaz Kegstone, a professor of Astronomy. Harold's thesis is surrounding the mystery of the wandering stars which unlike the rest of the night sky do not appear on Harold's constellation orb.

Through happenstance Harold became acquainted with Meredith and Potentia during the orientation week scavenger hunt. After some misadventure the trio became friends and later became involved in the rescue of Bonan, Nora and Michael after they were held hostage in the library.

Character Progression[]

For the Dungeons and Doctorates campaign the characters started at level 3. Harold's stats were generated using points buy. As a variant human he also started with a feat, Observant. Harold is a druid with subclass Circle of the Stars.

Level 4[]

Ross rolled a 4 on his d8 hit die gaining another 6 hit points with the +2 CON modifier. Level 4 is an attribute upgrade or feat level. Ross opted to give Harold a +2 boost to Wisdom rather than splitting or getting another feat. This increased Harold's Wisdom to 18 giving a +4 bonus to Wisdom rolls. This also increased the number of uses of Harolds star circle feature of Guiding Bolt / Augury to 4 uses a day. As a global druid feature, Harold also gained the ability to wildshape into a creature of CR 1/2 or lower as well as gaining the ability to wildshape into creatures that have a walking speed and/or a swimming speed.


  • In creating Harold, Ross almost chose one of the land circles and planned to make Harold much more focused around studying zoology in order to learn new wildshapes. However, only a few days before the recording of the first session Wizards of the Coast released an unearthed arcana featuring a new druid subclass: Circle of the Stars. Ross felt the opportunity to tie in astronomy from an academic point of view combined with the flavour of constellation druid magic made for a more compelling character.
  • During character creation Ross was shopping around his brain for posh and stuffy sounding names and settled on Harold. The name is vaguely influenced by historical figure Harold Godwineson whom was defeated at the battle of Hastings by William of Normandy in 1066.