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The rescue mission continues deep into The Library, with mystery behind every shelf.


After summoning a constellation spirit octopus and riding it to the source of the water Harold discovers the water is emanating from an enchanted book. Looking to break the enchantment Harold stabs the book, seemingly ending the enchantment and reversing the flow of water, leaving behind a dry environment. With the way clear the rest of the group joins Harold and they continue their way further down the levels of the underlibrary.

The group eventually encounters what looks like a tropical forest made of books, hearing a voice beyond the trees. Trying and failing to be sneaky the group reveals themselves to a pirate made of books. The pirate reveals that he had been battling with a crocodile which he was able to defeat. The characters seems familiar to Meredith though she cannot seem to place them in her mind. The pirate tells the group he saw a person resembling Bonan head through that way hours previous and with that the group continue on.

Traveling further down still the group encounters a sizable obstacle in that the stairs leading down to the next ten levels have been destroyed creating a significant drop to be able to descend any further. Meredith however reveals that she has the ability to cast Feather Fall which will enable to adventurers to fall safely down the newly created shaft. The group reach the bottom only to encounter a scorpion with an Elven face made of books. There is a fight, with the scorpion finished off by Potentia landing a critical firebolt.

The group continues to explore the library, now having almost reached the bottom. As they travel further Harold and Gor can hear voices, seemingly emanating from the shelves themselves with the words having come to life...

The story continues in The Underlibrary Part 3 - Parchment and Passageways.


Additional Credits[]

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  • Maestro Tlakaelel - Jesse Gallagher [used under the YouTube Audio Library license]
  • Magic Wizards - DeKibo [used under liscence from Premium Beat]
  • Satya Yuga - Jesse Gallagher [used under the YouTube Audio Library license]