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The Wentworth Family soiree is in full swing, but somebody is hiding a secret...


After insisting on being invited into the house, Nikolai and Gregory join the party. Harold goes to find Potentia only to find that she and Martha have been bonding in the meantime. Harold is concerned about the nature of Nikolai and asks his sister to keep an eye on him, explaining to Potentia that he suspects Nikolai of being a vampire.

The pair head back inside with the evenings spirit ritual imminent. Archibald III, Harold's father takes the opportunity to converse with Meredith and Reading to hand them sheet music for the upcoming ritual. He then introduces the ritual as well as his daughter Martha who will be performing the ritual. The ritual begins with black spheres being handed out to the audience. Martha indicates that those who received spheres that turned milky white were chosen for the gift. A candle that enables them to speak to a dead loved one. Both Meredith and Nikolai receive a milky orb, though only Meredith is forthcoming with this information.

After the ritual Archibald III catches up with Harold and Potentia, however Potentia slips away before any conversation can occur, electing to spend some more time with Meredith. Archibald III quizzes Harold about his new friends, especially Potentia's heritage, worried that she might be "the wrong sort of elf". Harold assures his father that he is a good judge of character and isn't especially partial to his father's opinions.

Meredith returns to her performance leaving Potentia and Harold to once again meet up. Harold invites Potentia to take the next dance with him, to which she awkwardly agrees. Harold assures her that she is entitled to her secrets and that he isn't worried about her heritage, though he would like to know at some point, if not to know her better. This spooks Potentia who breaks the dance and heads upstairs to be alone.

Hoping to find a safe space, Potentia unwittingly runs into Harold's father in his study. After a tense conversation, Archibald III insists that Potentia reveal her last name, so that he can be sure he knows who his son is associating with. Resigned to the fact that Archibald will not drop the subject, Potentia reveals her last name is Ha' Doctrina. Satisfied with this response Archibald III returns to the party, with Potentia asking that he keep this information to himself.

With the party now winding down, Harold is keen to leave, and finds Meredith who's services are complete for the evening. The two are keen to head to the bards party over on the university campus. Potentia, worried what Harold's father may have revealed uses message to get reassurance from Harold. Harold however is not receptive to having the conversation having previously been left on the dance floor. Potentia rejoins the group to a frosty reception from Harold. Never the less the three make their way towards the university to make their way to the next party.

On the way through town Harold hears the screams of one of the city's denizens. Potentia hears the scream too and the trio head towards the sound. Rounding a corner reveals a ghost burying a meat cleaver into the back of the denizen, claiming the man had slept with his wife. The group attempt to combat the ghost and save the fallen citizen with Harold going down after also being slashed in the back by the ghost.

The story continues in A Spirited Evening Part 3 - Revenant Revelries.


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