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It's Orientation Week on campus - a time to scope out clubs and societies and figure out where you fit in. Will our academic adventurers find their feet...or does something else lie in store?


After their success in the scavenger hunt in the previous episode the group once again meets up for more orientation week activities. Harold, Meredith, and Potentia explore various different student societies. Harold joins the campus Card Game society whilst Meredith becomes more acquainted with the Bard society. During this time Potentia is approached by Nora who informs her that she would be a good candidate for the Enigma Society.

In order to gain entry to the Enigma Society, Potentia is told she must assist Bonan, the university head librararian with a task. Potentia persuades Harold and Meredith to join her and they head over to see Bonan who after learning they were sent by Nora relays to the group that he requires help in recovering a long overdue book, "How to Rogue".

The group investigate the stall of the Rogue Society for clues on where they may be able to find the person who currently has the book in their possession. When they get there they encounter Thomas, the editor of the newspaper who is writing up a story about the stunt the Rogue Society are pulling this year which turns out to be an annual orientation week initiation event for hopeful rogues. The table contains only a cryptic message which Thomas suspects is written on thieves cant. Harold suggests he knows a shady part of town where they may be able to persuade someone to translate the message for them.

They find their way to Ale Grove, a part of Firamustus City known for it's questionable denizens. They visit the bar "Dead Fread's". Here Harold identifies a goblin that appears to be part of the thieves guild. After some persuasion the goblin agrees to translate the message on behalf of the group. The message reads "Find us where the holy meets the unholy".

Based on his knowledge of the city Harold identifies that a district in the city called the Three Wells borders the Sunset District, a part of town known for debauchery. The group heads to this part of town and after some investigation witnesses some people heading into the sewer below via an access hatch. Meredith decides to follow and lowers herself into the sewer below.

The story continues in Orientation Week Part 2 - Going Rogue.



  • This session was originally planned to be the first episode released. However after the first edit the whole team felt like the events of Find Friends provided such an entertaining and natural introduction to the world and player characters it was the obvious starting point.

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