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Kate is a trained improviser, scientist, science presenter and pre-service teacher from Perth, having previously lived in both Canberra and Sydney.

Kate did her undergraduate degree and graduate diploma at the University of Western Australia, before working abroad at a nature camp in the USA. Whilst studying her BSc in Nanotechnology, she was the President of the Perth chapter of Young Scientists of Australia, through which she met Ben. On her return to Australia, she moved to the east coast to take up a Masters in Science Communication Outreach (aka the Science Circus) at the Australian National University in 2015. She worked as a science presenter for a number of years in both Canberra (where she met Joh) and in Sydney, before recently returning to Western Australia and further education. Kate trained in improv at Improv Theatre Sydney, prior to returning to Perth, as well as in musical improv at iO Chicago in 2019.

Kate started playing D&D in early 2020, which leaves a lot of her friends wondering how she didn't get involved sooner given her penchant for character creation and love of science fiction and fantasy. However, she has dived straight into all things D&D, including occasionally DM-ing for some friends, and playing in another weekly campaign outside of recording for Dungeons and Doctorates.

As well as Dungeons and Doctorates, Kate can also be found talking all things science and creative on podcasts like Non-Peer Reviewed and The Cinema Catch-Up Club. She loves sharing the stage and characters with anyone and everyone, and in her spare time (whatever that is), also runs trivia nights and other events in Perth.


  • Whilst Potentia was technically the first character Kate ever created, due to her immediate engagement in all things Dungeons and Dragons, it was not the first character she played. That character was a Tiefling Bard named Mys Cheeph in a one-shot game with friends from Improv Theatre Sydney.