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Four Kobolds execute a heist to celebrate the first leaf fall of the season.

The first special episode from the Dungeons and Doctorates team, guest starring Kirrily Burnett from Hit Dice Heroes.


Beneath the magical campus of Firamustus University, with its Elves and Dwarves, and Barbarians and Wizards, is a secret world of tunnels and caves where the Urban Kobolds live.

It is here where this cunning race of 2ft tall reptilian humanoids live, farming mushrooms and bugs, crafting traps and planning raids on the world above. Because the Kobolds beneath Firamustus University above all things, love a good heist.

We meet four nestmates in this Urban Kobold society, who are set a heist by the leader of their nest (Clinker), to steal some food for the upcoming celebrations in the main cavern, a task which may also provide an opportunity to gain a name for their nest.

Clinker's Heist Map

Player Characters[]


  • This episode marks the first occasion that someone other than the core team of Ben, Joh, Kate, and Ross have appeared on the show.
  • This episodes marks the first episode not to be centered around the characters of Harold, Meredith, and Potentia.

Additional Credits[]

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