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Will our Academic Adventurers save their friends in the depths of The Library? And will they be able to escape the Underlibrary?


The echoes of the shelves, stating "the words have been released, the library is in chaos" continue to ring. Worried for the safety of Bonan the group continues to travel to the very bottom of the library. There they reach a large chamber where at a table in the centre in a robed Tabaxi in a mask who appears to be talking to someone unseen. Tied up at the side of the room is Bonan, Micheal, and Nora.

Harold and Meredith attempt to reason with the Tabaxi as Potentia moves to release Bonan from his binds. The negotiations prove to be unsuccessful however with the unseen participant in the conversation seemingly growing impatient. The Tabaxi sets his golem onto the group and a fight breaks out. After the fight does not appear to be going in the Tabaxi's favour he orders the golem to assist in his escape, with both the Tabaxi and the golem disappearing without trace behind one of the book shelves.

The adventurers tend to the wounds of those who had been captured and make their way back through the library with Bonan guiding the group using a series of hidden pathways through the library known to librarians. As the group recoups over a meal of shawarma Bonan indicates that he has some ideas over who may be responsible for the incident, describing a cult who is opposed to the gathering and public dissemination of knowledge.

Elsewhere it is revealed that the other party that was in conversation with the Tabaxi was in fact the mask worn by the Tabaxi. The mask turned from smiling to angry, indicating that the mask was displeased, with the Tabaxi conceding that he would do things the masks way after perhaps failing this time around.


You're just concussed - it's totes fine - Meredith

Additional Credits[]

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