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Potentia is a High Elf Wizard currently studying a PhD in Conjuration at Firamustus University. She grew up in Imperium as the only daughter in a high elven noble family. She was educated in magic in Imperium but left to take a gap decade, travelling broadly before coming to Firamustus to further her education. She doesn't talk much about her upbringing, although it is yet to be revealed why this is.

Potentia's thesis revolves around the Find Familiar spell, with inquiries into where the animals conjured come from and how the animal form is able to be modified by additional castings of the spell. Her supervisor, Professor William Chant, is a professor of conjuration, and she works out of an office that includes Ren, Sylbar, Rivkah and Haldora.

It is established during Orientation Week that Potentia lives off-campus, like Harold.

During Dungeons & Doctorates


During her first day on campus, Potentia was thrown together with Meredith and Harold to form a team for the scavenger hunt as well as meeting Gor and Michael along the way. During orientation week, she joined the Enigma Society and became acquainted with Nora and Bonan, causing her to drag the trio into misadventures across the city and then deep into the underlibrary.

She is studying in the School of Conjuration under the supervision of Professor William Chant. She is interested in the Find Familiar spell, although has yet to decide on her specific thesis focus.

Potenia comes to value the friendships of both Harold and Meredith, calling them her friends in conversation with Haldora during Revenant Revelries.

We find out more about Potentia's family in Illuminations]], when she divulges her surname to Archibald Wentworth IV under duress and then again to Harold the same night (in Revenant Revelries). She has also mentioned that she has a brother who was in the military, but little else is known about him.


  • In creating Potentia, Kate wanted to look at ways to bring Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics to the Dungeons and Dragons world that Ben had created. The theory of the conservation of matter (matter being neither created nor destroyed) became the core element of Potentia's research, and thus her studies in Conjuration became a given.
  • Potentia's history and backstory are so detailed that Ben has had to start asking additional questions of the other players.
  • Kate O'Sullivan made some changes to her portrayal of Potentia after recording Find Friends, as the character wasn't coming through properly in the episode. This wasn't going to be an issue, as the episode wasn't going to be released initially, although subsequently the decision was made to release this session as part of the initial episode drop.
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