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An invitation to play Barbarian Chess and a raven set our academic adventurers on a rescue mission into the Underlibrary


The episode starts with the Academic Adventurers out on the campus green participating in Barbarian Chess after Gor indicates they are short on players. A face off begins with the team of Gor, Harold, and Potentia beating out Heidi, Meredith, and Thomas after Potentia shows an unlikely aptitude for the sport. Festivities are cut short however when a raven arrives for Potentia with a message that

Potentia, Harold, Meredith, and Gor head to the library to investigate, in the process acquiring library cards that will grant them access to the restricted lower levels of the library reserved for postgraduates and faculty. The library administrator gloop informs the group that Bonan is missing and it cannot detect anything below level 10, an unusual occurrence. The group descend the levels of the library where many things seem out of their usual order, including seemingly malfunctioning mechanical library assistants.

Things take a sinister turn as the adventurers are stalked and then attacked by an animate collection of books that have taken the form of a large python. A battle ensues with Meredith eventually taking the finishing blow to the book monster. It is revealed that at its heart was an enchanted version of a book about snakes of the jungle. Worried for Bonan the group continues to descend the library levels.

Further down the adventurers come across an animate book monkey, this time friendly that appeared to have been afraid of the python that had previously attacked the group. The monkey takes a liking to Meredith and follows the adventurers as they continue their path downwards. Eventually the group are stopped in their tracks as the way down appears to be submerged in water. Potentia investigates the magical origin of the various disturbances while Harold conjured a constellation spirit in the form of a giant octopus riding it below the water to investigate the source of the water below.

The story continues in The Underlibrary Part 2 - Hittin' the Books.


Additional Credits[]

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