Ross is a medical researcher and content producer from Brisbane, Australia. Ross has been been part of university life since 2008 doing undergraduate degrees in medical science, microbiology, and virology. Ross then started teaching undergraduate science and now works as a researcher using next generation sequencing to diagnose blood infections.

Ross has been involved in science communication for over 10 years as host of the Sciencism podcast, Critically Challenged podcast, Science Club Show, and founding president of Brisbane Skeptic Society. He also guests frequently on podcasts such as Non-Peer Reviewed and the iFriends podcast.

Ross has had a keen interest in gaming since a very young age, playing his first games on the Commodore 64. His favourite games have always been RPGs with The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic as stand outs. Since the new rise in DnD following its depiction on Stranger Things and Critical Role, and the release of fifth edition; Ross has been an avid TTRPG player with more characters created on DnD Beyond than he dares admit.

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