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It's the Summer Spirit Moon Festival, and the Academic Adventurers have been invited to the Wentworth Family celebrations. Time to dress up, enjoy the festivities and meet some new people...


We begin with Meredith and Potentia shopping for appropriate clothing for Meredith to wear to the Summer Spirit Moon Festival being hosted at Harold's house the following evening. After a little bit of indecision and negotiation between Meredith and Potentia a suitable outfit is found which Meredith cannot help but further customise a little.

The girls arrive at Harold's house, who at the time is disguised as a bear through wild shape as a festival prank. Harold reveals his true form, and the the trio head inside. Meredith meets Reading who will also be playing at the party and begins to set up for the evening as she will be performing as entertainment. Harold and Potentia are met by Martha, preparing for the evening festivities, who accuses Harold of stealing her belt and then excuses herself.

Harold notices Humbertous fussing with Meredith over the calibre of music and goes to intervene leaving Potentia at the drinks table. At this point Archibald IV and Pros Richard Dollarbore meet Potentia starting the first of many awkward encounters over the evening. Eventually Harold returns, cutting of Dollarbore's latest financial musing and leads Potentia off on a tour of the house.

Harold shows Potentia his collection of adventuring periodicals, mentioning that he is especially proud of his uncle Faustus who was a famous adventurer but who has been missing for many years. The two return to the party only to be accosted by Harold's mother Gwendalin. A tense conversation about Potentia's heritage follows with Harold eventually fending off the curiosities of his mother. Potentia takes her leave to spend some time away from the party, with Meredith accompanying her into the garden.

Eventually there is a ring at the door which Harold goes to investigate. This signals the late arrival of Harold's brother Gregory who rang the door having forgot to bring his keys. It is here we learn that after being promoted to an assistant to the Irregulars, Gregory's new partner is a very suspicious looking pale man, Nikolai.

The story continues in A Spirited Evening Part 2 - Illuminations


Additional Credits[]

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