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Specials are one off, or limited series episodes of Dungeons and Doctorates. They usually still involve events connected to Firamustus University however involve characters peripheral to, or completely unconnected to the main characters of Harold, Meredith, and Potentia.

List of Specials[]

  • SP01 | Kobold Kapers | 17/DEC/2020 | with guest player Kirrily Burnett
  • SP02 | Oozecapades | 04/MAR/2021 | with guest GM Debbie Devis, and guest players Kirsten Banks and Kirrily Burnett.
  • SP03 - SP05 | HDH Rites of Passage Part 1 - 3 | 24/MAY/2021 | Hit Dice Heroes feat. Dungeons and Doctorates' Ross Balch