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Harold and the academic adventurers set off to the Wayward Peak to help Professor Kegstone make some observations, but who will they meet along the way?


Meredith characteristically arrives in the Dwarven district of Firamustus first, there she is accosted by a druid working for a green city initiative charity. Shortly after Potentia arrives. Finally, Harold arrives and as he and Meredith are eating pastries the group are approached by a drunken High Elf and his Minotaur body guard. The Elf claims that his boss from the Green Narrows is on the lookout for a group that matches their description. The encounter doesn't last long however as the Minotaur encourages the Elf to return home before the boss notices their tardiness.

Shortly after this Professor Kegstone arrives with his cousin Drolug and the group head to the stables on the outside of town. On the way, Drolug is insistent that luck is not on their side and that bandits have been spotted along the route and that they should not continue with the mission. Zinlaz waves away the concerns and the group continue along their way towards the Wayward Peak, named the Wandering Mountain in Dwarf culture.

Along the way the group sets down at a rest stop where they meet a strange old wizard, Bafniz, who appears to be acquainted with everybody, however they had never met. He offers the group tea and after some conversation it turns out he has been traveling the land, avoiding an old foe, a dragon. After the wizard makes his way out of the camp to continue the journey Potentia reflects on the wizard's name, recognising him from historical writings about powerful wizards of old.

The journey continues, with the mountain in sight Zinlaz remarks upon a wooded grove that he did not remember previously being along the road to the mountain. Within, along the path, there appears to be a child lying in the road in need of help. Harold suggests caution, putting together the previous information about possible bandits. Potentia investigates the wood, as a goblin falls from a nearby tree, knocking itself unconscious in the process.

The story continues in The Wandering Mountain part 2 - Brewing Bitterness.


  • The sound of the dwarven forges heard at the start of the episode were recorded in Kate's apartment. The sound is that of a dishwasher that was noticed in the background of a previous recording. Kate made a clearer recording for future use as foley which fit the dwarven industry noise perfectly.

Additional Credits[]

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