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It's time to head back to campus. Potentia has another meeting with Professor Chant, Meredith runs into an old friend and Harold gets a surprise parcel.


We join the Academic Adventurers as they return to Firamustus after their adventures at the Wandering Peak. Potentia heads off to a meeting with her supervisor who, after some discussion of her progress, offers her a position as a teaching assistant.


In a previous episode Ross, in character as Harold, misnames Aldwyn as Ethan, normally this kind of mistake would be re-dubbed. However, the recording of Timely Meetings, in which Meredith forgets Aldwyn's name also, occurred before the edit and release of Tea and Travels, so it was deemed thematic to leave in Ross' initial mistake.

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  • Magic Wizards - DeKibo [used under license from Premium Beat]