The Wentworth Family are an old noble family from Firamustus.

Faustus Wentworth[edit | edit source]

Faustus is the younger brother of Archibald III and Harold's uncle; see also Faustus Wentworth

Archibald Wentworth III[edit | edit source]

Patriarch of the Wentworth family, Archibald III is the husband of Gwendalin, father to Archibald IV, Gregory, Martha and Harold, and older brother of Faustus. Archibald III is a prominent member of the City Guild working for the Treasury

Gwendalin Wentworth[edit | edit source]

Wife of Archibald Wentworth III and mother to Archibald IV, Gregory, Martha and Harold.

Archibald Wentworth IV[edit | edit source]

Archibald IV is the oldest of the Wentworth siblings. He followed in his father's footsteps and is an accountant at the City Guild treasury.

Gregory Wentworth[edit | edit source]

Gregory is a member of the city guard.

Martha Wentworth[edit | edit source]

Martha works as a cleric in one of the city temples.

Harold Wentworth[edit | edit source]

see Harold Wentworth

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