Professor Zinlaz Kegstone is a senior member of faculty at Firamustus University, also serving as Harold's PhD supervisor. He is a professor of Astronomy, with a special interest is in so called wandering stars. He also is currently in posession of the blueprints to the Wayward Peak dwarven settlement.

Academic Discoveries

Zinlaz is an astronomer who has dedicated many years of study to "wandering stars". These wandering stars do not appear on Harold's constellation sphere. In discussing with Zinlaz that every star in the sky is accurently represented on the sphere, the two come to the conclusion that the wandering stars may in fact not be stars at all.

Zinlaz and the academic adventurers make an observation expedition to the tip of the Wayward Peak where Zinlaz has erected an observatory. There Zinlaz and Harold make observations of some of these wandering stars discovering that they are in fact planets. Announcing this discovery is put on hold however when the group are attacked by the anti-knowledge cult in an attempt to keep this discovery from being disseminated.


Zinlaz's family background is historically tied to the brewing of Dwarven ale, hence the name Kegstone. His grandfather broke from this tradition being responsible for the maintenace of the machinery that operated the motion of the Wayward Peak (known to outsiders as the Wandering Mountain). Zinlaz himself also broke this tradition to become an astronomer. A point of contention between himself and his father.

Zinlaz's close family include his father Brilfor, the aparent patriarch of the family and current master brewer of the Kegstone ale. He holds many traditional dwarven views including a book of grudges which extends all the way back to the murder of one of his ancestors by an elf. Zinlaz also has a mother, Mada, and young brother Rolfon who are generally more well tempered than Zinlaz's cantacerous father.

Drolug Orebreaker - Cousin

Drolug, son of Brilfor's sister and therefore Zinlaz's cousin, is preocupied with obtaining the blueprints of the mountain's machinary. He beleives that it is time for the mountain to once again move its location. A view not shared by the elders of the mountain, or indeed the Kegstone family.

Drolug made a bargain with the mysterious cult that opposes the dissemination of knowledge and agreed to help prevent the discovery that the wandering stars were in fact other planets. In return he would be able to obtain a copy of the blueprints he was seeking. This attempt was thawrted by the academic adventurers and though presumed dead, his current wearabouts are currently unknown.

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